Monday, August 25, 2008


This morning was a reunion that Gracie has been waiting for, for at least 2 months. Today was the open house for the four year old class at Grasshopper Green.

Gracie was a little shy as we walked in, but she talked to her teachers and sat down to color and later to play.

Since there are 2 classes for the four year olds I was hoping to find out who all would be in Gracie's morning class. As you know Gracie does the best when she knows what is going on. We learned that Carson (from Bible School) would be in that class, and today Jackie's mom told us Joanna would also been in the am class. I am very glad since Gracie talked so much about Joanna. The other kids that were there are apparently in the afternoon class. I opted for the am even though they were pushing the afternoon class pretty hard. I understand kids need to get used to the long day, but I know my Gracie, and she does not do well with change. Besides, Gracie has so much energy, I am not worried about her making through a long kindergarten day.

We stayed and played for a while. So long in fact I had time to fill out all of her paperwork and turned it in right there.

Other friends there to play with: Morgan, Carson, Emma, Jackie & Regan.


Grandma said...

I'm sure you are going to have a lot of fun in school this year. I'm glad some of your friends will be in your class. I'm sure your teachers are happy to see you again too! I know you are going to learn lots of new things. Enjoy your new school year!

Candice said...

Yeah Gracie! I'm glad you got to see your friends! I know that you will learn lots and make more new friends at school this year. Have fun! Barbara...did you go to VBS at your church and forget to blog about it????? If so...shame on you, slacker!!!