Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day With Friends & Family

I don't remember this picnic, I wish I did. But, as you can plainly see I was pretty young. I love this picture, it reminds me of so many wonderful lunches at my Aunt Lou's. I spent so much time in her home (probably more than my own home!) and there was always fried chicken and tea and corn and homemade pickles. You can even see an open jar on the table. You can bet we kids fought over our fair share of them.

I don't know when this was, I am guessing during summer time, but I find myself trying to bring a little of my Aunt Lou's style and love in to my own family's celebrations.

Today, our neighbors came over for a Labor Day "picnic" at our house. I pulled out one of Lou's blue checkered table cloths, and I used her bowls. We had chicken (on a stick, Garren's specialty), corn, watermelon and more. All that was missing were her homemade pickles. I have a few jars left, but I am trying to make them last as long as I can.

All of us had a wonderful time talking and sharing and laughing. We have such a good time anytime we get together. I am so thankful that they have become such good friends and we are able to celebrate the moments in our lives together.

Can you find me in this picture? Ha, I am the only girl. My brother Brian is on Lou's lap, and my Uncle Hubert is beside her. Aunt Jane is beside Hubert. Cousin's Bill and Jason sandwich me in. Sadly all of the adults in this picture are gone. I am so glad for the invention of the photograph. Pictures make losing people in our lives just a little bit easier, as we can look back and remember the good times.

I can't belive I didn't take a picture today!!! My mind was preoccupied. But, thankfully we get together often, and I will have more pictures of our times together.

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