Sunday, August 16, 2009

3rd Annual Church Ladies Tea

Gracie and I raced back from Lynchburg just in time to get dressed and grab our tea cups for the third annual Church ladies Tea Party. Gracie and I have attended the tea each year, and this year Gracie got to use a big girl cup and saucer.

Gracie traded in her Fisher Price cup and saucer (and even tea pot) to take a matching china cup and saucer from mommy's special cabinet. I thought that it was time. After all she is going into Kindergarten.

While Gracie was so excited about getting to use the "breakable cup," Mrs. Ruth was also giddy with Gracie's "promotion." She even noticed her cup without us saying a word and made the biggest deal over it. Another reason we adore Mrs. Ruth, she, like mommy make the smallest things into a big deal.

Despite the EXTREME heat in the Fellowship Hall, Gracie went through several cups of hot tea and many more plates of yummy goodies from fruit to pound cake and chocolate sauce...and everything in between.

Gracie also won a prize this year. Actually, I am pretty sure she has won a prize every year now that I think about it. She choose a miniature porcelain tea set and she has been playing with it and her Princess minatures all afternoon.

First Annual Tea, August 2007

2nd Annual Tea, August 2008

3rd Annual Tea, August 2009

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