Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Started Already

Well, I say "already," but she only has 15 days until school.

I finally got my letter from school yesterday. Since the mail doesn't run on Sunday, I am sure it has been in the box since Saturday--but I opened it today.

Inside was a letter from the principal, a letter from the teacher to me, and a letter from the teacher to Gracie. Also inside was a "homework" assignment and this little tag to be filled out and attached to her backpack for the first week or so of school.

I resisted saying aloud "you are getting my most precious cargo and the only thing you have to help her through the biggest day of her life is a cardboard tag!!!" But, I was thinking it.

The letters were very informative, and super sweet. The teacher's letter included a different list of supplies which need to be brought in for orientation on September 3rd. It was significantly shorter than the list I already purchased, and only added one thing we didn't get: a box of colored pencils. I think we can manage that, and we will likely use the other things for around the house anyway.

Her homework is a star that she and I are to fill out and cut out, and Gracie can decorate anyway she likes. We will get on that today or tomorrow.

So, I breathe yet another sigh of relief as I get more information about Kindergarten, and the day that I have to let go.

(You can click to make the letter larger and see what Gracie's teacher had to say. Oh, and after several hours of searching the web I finally found Gracie's bus number, the bus drivers name, and the drop off and pick up time. She gets on at 7:53 am and is dropped off at 3:29pm, and her driver's name is Bob. And I assure you he will learn my name very quickly :)

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Amy said...

um, there is a Mrs. Orndorff here... ask her abt a relative in Christiansburg... seems to odd of a last name.. (btw- ours is AWESOME!)