Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's Baaaack!

That would be football. Many, many, many months of football. Do you have any idea how many nights a week this game comes on! And of course Daddy wants to watch them all.

Usually Gracie is his football buddy (at least until the popcorn runs out), but this season Daddy is already grooming his son to be a pigskin junkie.

Football season kicked off tonight, and wouldn't you know Daddy's favorite team the Titans were playing.

Garren was a little sad that he wasn't sharing the game with Gracie, but she is in Lynchburg with Grandma and having an endless celebration I am sure.

Thomas seemed to get a kick out of snuggling with daddy, and he looked too cute in his Titan's onsie. He has a jersey too, and the next game that is on I will try and squeeze him in it. My linebacker continues to grow at astounding rates, but I promise to post a picture.

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