Sunday, August 02, 2009

School Supplies


We didn't intend to get Gracie's Kindergarten things, it just kind of happened--as did the excitement for our soon-to-be schooler, that lasted until bedtime.

I had gone online hoping to find a school list for her at our elementary school's website. With this being her first year, I figured the list would be a mile long, and I wanted to get a start on it--maybe getting a few things at time.

I didn't find anything online and was starting to wonder if they expected parents to get these things just days before classes began.

We happened to be out, and as usual ended up at Walmart. I had told Garren that if he went I would like him to look to see if they have the school lists out. Well, we found them just as we entered the door. I thought we might let her get a few things for fun, but when we got to the isle, it didn't take long before we had just about everything!

I was so surprised at how reasonable it all was. And get this. We decided to "look" at backpacks so we could get a better idea of what she wanted. Of course she got excited at the characters, and mommy got excited at $5 and $7 price tags. On backpacks! We used to spend $20 or more when I was a kid. This economy has gotten everyone spooked. Well, I found the cutest red one with pink and flowers and Gracie fell in love with it. And, it had a sale sticker on it for $3!!! I thought--you can't beat that, and even if it didn't hold up, for that price she has something to start out with.

So, it was an exciting trip to Walmart for everyone. Gracie is only missing washable markers and new shoes. (we plan to wait until the last possible minute to get shoes as we plan to get her nice shoes and her feet grow like weeds, and when you shell out $30 for kids shoes you want them to last as long as possible!).

Once we were home, Gracie pulled out all of her things and called Grandma and talked a mile a minute about all of her new treasures.

As if I could have avoided her excitement for school before, she is making it impossible now. She is ready, and is not happy that she still has 6 more weeks to wait. But, I think I can.

**And yes, I pulled out the camera in Walmart. You know me. This was her first time getting school supplies! And, Garren who also has gotten used to me now, didn't even blink an eye! And, we were specifically told not to go by the Walmart list at her screening, but I figured it was a good start and we wouldn't open anything. So, we may have more to buy, but I feel better being a little more prepared.**

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