Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thank God For Peace Of Mind

I have heard many people use the phrase "He only gives us what we can handle." While, I believe in this thought, I also believe that we can handle more than we think. But, God decided to grant me some peace this Sunday morning anyway.

Gracie and Garren went to the baseball game (you can read his hilarious account of the day below), and Thomas and I went to church.

I couldn't have been in the pew five minutes before Ruth runs up to me and says "I met Gracie's Kindergarten teacher!" I know I look dumbfounded. I asked her "Ms. Orndorff?" She wasn't sure of the name, but said she goes to church here. She had talked to this lady and found out she was teaching Kindergarten at Sandy Hook. Ruth asked her if she had a Gracie Shipley. She told her "no, but I have a Tabitha Shipley." I smiled and figured that Ruth must have guessed that Gracie wasn't her first name. She went on to tell me how nice she was and how excited the woman was to be teaching.

I cannot tell you the wave of relief that fell through my body.

Ruth went off to find her husband and moments later Abby came up to my seat. "I know Gracie's Kindergarten teacher." Now, I am smiling so hard my cheeks hurt! She tells me Katie (the teacher) is in her Sunday School class and is a friend of hers. She confirms that she is in fact a first time teacher and tells me whatever one else has: first year teachers are the best to get.

Such a load off of my mind. This, what I am sure is a wonderful woman, is a gung-ho teacher fresh out of Radford (I think Abby said) and already has the approval of two of the most wonderful people I know. And, she goes to our church and will really get to know Gracie and Garren and I and have a million people who will check in to find out how Gracie is doing. (This is one time I love having a nosy small congregation! :)

Thank the Lord for answered prayers :)

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Candice said...

That's great! I'm serious about the new teacher's perfect!!!