Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thomas Gets His Teeth Brushed

I know I should have done this last month, but there are some parenting things you can forget between children.

So, after the pediatricians suggestion that he get a tooth brush and have those chompers cleaned: mommy gets Thomas a Sesame Street tooth brush (they didn't have Thomas Tank Engine) and some baby tooth paste and we got rolling.

I think Gracie was the most excited as she cheered him on and giggled uncontrollably! I still remember her first tooth brushing. :)

***I couldn't find the picture of Gracie's first tooth brushing, but I found an earlier one. Her "first" was one of the pictures probably lost in the November 04 computer crash--it would have been around that time.***

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thomas' First Thanksgiving

First trip to Aunt Dawn & Uncle Brian's house...

First bite of turkey..

First taste of pumpkin pie...

First of many holiday memories Mommy will cherish FOREVER!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

I was thrilled to get to be apart of Gracie's "Feast" at school today!

One of the big drawbacks for me this year is that I can't participate in Gracie's Kindergarten class like I want to. I don't feel like I have missed much, but I would love to be a class helper for a day, and I still haven't had a chance to eat lunch with her.

But, today Daddy took off (for the whole week as well), and I got to spend my morning with my favorite Kindergartner and her friends.

When I got to the classroom a few other parent volunteers were already there, and the kids were sitting down and watching "Mouse On The Mayflower."

I jumped in and helped get the tables and food ready. I had signed up to bring in the pumpkin pie, and the other food was being put out as well.

Once every thing was set up the kids came through the "buffet line" we had set up at a back table. Most of the kids were pretty picky and only wanted grapes, carrots and pumpkin pie. But, a few (like my child!) got a little taste of everything from turkey to corn bread, can corn and the veggies and pie. And, even a few others went back for seconds!

The kids were VERY well behaved and I again marvelled at the teachers ability to handle nearly 20 kids.

After the kids were served we parents got to get our plates and sit with our child.

Gracie and I sat at an extra round table with Carmen and her grandma. I was beaming as I listened to my daughter tell about her day and watch her make a huge mess with her food while donning her hand made Indian hat.

The "feast" was over realitively quickly and I helped clean up while the kids played games. Then I took my Indian Princess with me as I left. She was so excited, she had been wanting me to pick her up from school for so long.

We proudly marched to the car and piled in to head home and finish packing the car for Grandma's.

It really is the small things in life that thrill me. What a special day for me, and my Gracie.

Friday, November 20, 2009

51 Days

I was talking to Gracie on the way to the bus stop this morning about how dirty her back pack was, and maybe we could wash it this weekend.

She told me "well, I have been going to school for 51 days."

So that's how long I have been sad.

Quote Of The Day

Mommy: "Gracie why is the ball (these things are ceramic and don't stay on even with super glue!!) from your bedpost in your bed?

Gracie: "I was pretending I was a princess and I was sleeping with a pea under my pillow."

I am not sure what was funnier, the line, or the fact that I knew the answer before I asked!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gracie Makes Me Smile

This is what she made for me this afternoon when she got home from school. She didn't get any help with the words or the ideas.

It made me smile.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

9 Month Check Up

It may sound impossible--but my baby boy is still shy of the 20 pound marker.

I know, I couldn't believe it either!

In fact he is in the 50th percentile for height and weight, which is down from his six month check up when he was in the 75th percentile in weight, and 50th in height. The doctor says it is likely because he is moving around more and burning off more calories. Which, I believe, since he is ALWAYS hungry! I seriously can't seem to feed him enough.

He was supposed to get a "free" visit today. Well, free from shots. But, since they had both the seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccines, I opted for him to receive them. There is one less worry on my plate.

So, he is healthy and still blonde and cute. The pediatrician say though that in her experience babies with this particular color of blond almost always get darker and darker hair. As for the cute, he tried just about everything to get her attention, and when she finally looked up from her paperwork, she declared him the cutest baby she had seen today. The fact that his appointment was at 10am, and they open at 9 had absolutely NOTHING to do with it :)

So, my apparently not-so-chunky monkey came in at 19 pounds, 5 ounces and 28.5 inches tall. And, he is none worse the wear for his day at the doctor's office.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Bet Beethoven Didn't Have This Problem

Gracie has never had a problem social situations anyway. She is always the first to share when she was in preschool, and I have even heard that from her Kindergarten teacher. She shared when we kept little Emma, she even shares at Grandma's house with Mariah and her "cous-its."

So, why does she have issues in our house?!!

Toys in this house have always been for Gracie. Everything that came in was for her. That changed about a year ago.

I noticed when we would get a baby gift, or something for the baby, she would insist on playing with it, or letting Lambie use it.

At the time I let it go, and allowed her to check things out. After all, she was about to have her solitary world turned upside down.

But, since Thomas was born, things have escalated.

Since he is too young really to play with things, she would ask to use his new toys or gifts until he was big enough. She was always sweet about it and would look at me with puppy dog eyes and say "just until he is big enough."

It really didn't matter at the time, and it was usually something I would pick up from a thrift store and santize thoroughly. Then, Grandma got Thomas (and her) a new toy still in the package. It ate away at her that I wouldn't let her open it and play with it. I wanted to keep it up until he was ready to use it. It was his gift to open (or have opened) and get to use it first.

As time went on, I would find toys from his room in her room, along with books.

This was a sticky situation since at one time these toys and books were hers. Not everything, but quite a bit. We wanted her to be well rounded and got her blocks and cars, etc when she was a baby. We had no idea she would be such a girly girl in the end.

I don't believe that she remembers any of these toys being hers, but it is a tricky thing to tell her that they are Thomas'. I decided to draw a line of sorts. I told her toys in the playroom were communal. They each could play with anything in the massive room full of toys, but toys in his room were off limits to her, just like toys in her room are off limits to him.

I am not sure it sunk in, but I plan to stick to it.

This gets me to today.

I got this Fisher Price piano at the church yard sale this summer. So, it was not formerly hers, and it is baby toy and I got it for Thomas. He showed some interest in it yesterday while we were playing, and since he can sit up and even get on his knees, I thought it would be a good time to put batteries in it and let him play.

Today Thomas and I went and got "C" batteries. While he was down for a nap, I put them in. Unfortunately he got up from his nap only minutes before we had to go and get Gracie from the bus stop. But, in those 5 minutes he was so excited to "bang" on the keys that lit up and played music. He did not want to leave it behind.

The piano was left in the living room and as soon as Gracie got home from school she made a bee line for it. I told her that Thomas was very excited to play with it and to let him have it.

This of course did not happen. Every time I turned around she was holding her arm out to keep him from touching the keys while she "played a song." Despite my constant warnings, she continued to hog the BABY toy.

It is like it is a territorial thing. It is fine for him to have toys and things, but she has to play with them first. Like a dog who "marks his territory."

As frustrated as I was getting, it took everything in me to not send her to her room or tell her not to touch the toy. I knew that wasn't the fair thing to do either. It is a toy, and that wouldn't exactly be helping her share.

She picked up on my very disapproving mood, and she told me "why don't you put him in my lap, and he can play and I will hold him, so we can both use it."

I couldn't help but grin. She had found a solution that wouldn't leave her out, and would allow Thomas to enjoy the toy. I smiled and put him in her lap. He thought this was great as it boosted him a little higher and he could bang on the keys without being pushed away.

Eventually Gracie lost interest in the baby toy (which I knew would happen) and walked away letting him have it back.

Something tells me I am in for years of this sort of refereeing challenge. But, it looks like I still have a very compassionate child who knows the right thing to do, but has a hard time remembering that when something new and shiny comes through the door.

Lord help me Christmas morning!!

Monday's Child

A high school friend of mine had her baby girl this morning. And, I thought back and remembered the day my children were born. I do that...when I hear someone else say their infant was born. Weird maybe--but those days are just so special to me and I can't help but think about my babies and be filled with happiness for a friend or family member when their time has come.

Her new baby got me to thinking that Thomas was also born on a Monday. And that got me to thinking about the poem.

So, I thought I would post the poem, and I thought it would be neat to see what days your child was born on, and if you can tell yet if the poem is true.

Mondays child is fair of face,

Monday babies:
Thomas, Emma M., Luke. E., Baby P.

Tuesdays child is full of grace,

Tuesday babies:
Mason L., Matthew D., Stella W., Elliott K., Issac D., Luke M., Sue-Anna D., Taylor S.,

Wednesdays child is full of woe,

Wednesday babies:
Claire M., Tyler S., Ethan E., Ella R., William P., Mark D. Braylee M., Jonas S.

Thursdays child has far to go,

Thursday babies:
D.J & Ryan W., Casey W., Maddie D., Nina P., Ella & Logan G.,

Fridays child is loving and giving,

Friday babies:
Gracie, Jaxon D., Van S., Mason S., Carrington S., Riley G.,

Saturdays child works hard for his living,

Saturday babies:
Sara L., Bryson M., Samuel B., Emily G.

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Sunday babies:
Laura P., Alana H., Mariah H.,

My Thomas is a beautiful little boy, so his is true (but I might be a little biased). And Gracie, born on a Friday, is one of the most giving and loving children I know--so I think I am two for two!

Weird things I found as I added the babies I know: 3 of 5 of Dawn's (my sister in law) children were born on a Tuesday. All of Heather's (my other sister in law) children were born on a Thursday. 3 of 5 of the Schwartz children were born on a Friday. 2 of 3 of Nannette's kids were born on a Saturday. Both sets of twins I know were born on Thursday's. And Tuesdays and Wednesday's seem to have the most births (with 8), while Sunday has the fewest (3). Weird huh?!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wall Climber

Well, he is actually climbing the stairs now!

Garren was upstairs helping Gracie with her shower, and I was down stairs playing with him. He crawled (which is more of a normal crawl now even on carpet) towards the steps. I chuckled at him and told "go ahead, give it a try."

He grinned at me.

And, he put his knee up.

I got off the couch and went to the landing at the bottom of the stairs, just in case he should fall over.

He smiled at me, and crawled right up to the landing.

I squealed with delight, and he laughed.

Garren came down to see what the fuss was about. So, I moved over and let him try for the stairs. And, there he went. He made it up 2 stairs on his knees.

I am not sure who was prouder: Thomas or me?!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Pride

I have so much of that these days! My daughter is excelling in school, and Thomas is learning and doing new things every day!

So, what was it today that set me beaming?

I got to see Gracie in action at school. Well sort of.

Tonight I took Gracie to her school for a special program about reading and Kindergarteners. We had a great time together, and it was so neat to get to spend that quality time together, one on one. It seems like it has been so long since we have had a chance to do that.

The large amount of kids and their parents split in to 3 groups and the kids made books, we learned about how best to help them read, and they worked on sequencing. That is when I got to see Gracie "in action." The teacher for that session had the kids practice putting a story in order. But, first she did some examples on the "Smart Board." This was my first experience with a Smart Board, and if you are an NCIS fan, it is like the big board that McGhee used in LosAngeles in the cross over episode.

Anyway. The teacher asked what came next and Gracie raised her hand! Many kids raised their hands as well, but she picked Gracie. She walked up to the smart board and moved her fingers to get the picture to go in the right order. Then she told what the picture showed.

Silly I know, but I was so proud. My shy little blossom was not only WAY out of her shell and comfortable in school and with strangers, but she was smart and articulate too.

And, yes, I was the ONLY cheesy mother who took a camera and got pictures of her darling doing all sorts of things--including getting an answer right.

Told you I was proud!

Over Reaction

Well, what else is new when it comes to Kindergarten and my Gracie?!

So, a dad of a little boy in Gracie's class came up to me yesterday and proudly announced that his son had told him that Gracie was his girlfriend. He had a proud papa grin on his face. I forced a smile.

She is only 5--and I didn't find it cute. I don't know if I am the absolute exception, especially since this happened with other kids in preschool and their parents seemed to think it was adorable.

I am not ready, nor do I think it is appropriate for kids to "pair off" at this age. My husband disagrees. Well, he doesn't want her to get married, but thinks it is totally natural. It may be natural to him and others, but it is not natural to me. She still sleeps with stuffed animals and has an imaginary friend. That doesn't scream "ready for a relationship" to me!

Thankfully Gracie has my...hmm..naivety. Okay, so we are both oblivious girls. She has no concept of the idea of boyfriend and girlfriend. And, I am not upset about this--she can ignore this part of life until she is 30.

This isn't the first hint that Gracie is turning the little boys heads (which makes my husband proud). A few weeks ago she came home with a paper in her folder full of colored pink hearts. it had a little boys name on it. I thought she got the wrong paper, but she informs me that he made it for her. I secretly groaned to myself, but found comfort in the fact that she acted indifferent. So, I let it go.

I guess with this new "title" that this parent had placed on my daughter. I kind of went over the emotional/protective edge.

I just lost my baby to strangers for 8 hours a day, and now I have little boys lining up to "court" her. Nope, not handling it well.

And many thanks to the lots of laughter at my "crisis." Actually, sometimes it is helpful to be shown that I am being completely ridiculous. Thankfully, Gracie's teacher was not so "harsh" and was very supportive to my concern. Apparently it is both common and harmless.

I guess I dodged another bullet, and earned a big mommy star.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Looking at pajamas at Costco--that I really wanted--Gracie points out a leopard printed one. I tell her I like the green ones.

"Grandma would like this tiger print. You know she is wild!"

Lambie Goes To Kindergarten

I am not sure if either Gracie or Lambie got any sleep last night; they were both too excited!

I heard Gracie telling her constant stuffed companion all about what she would get to see and do at Kindergarten today. In fact, she was talking so much I had to tell them both to go to sleep 3 times.

Today was Show And Tell day for Gracie at school. The kids have been taking turns bringing in an item in the "Mystery Bag." Until yesterday afternoon when Gracie got to bring it home, she was at a loss for what to take. After bringing several things out of her room, the only thing that seemed right was Lambie.

Now, Lambie got to go to Show And Tell at preschool, but she decided that she should get to go again since she had never been to Kindergarten.

Gracie was sure of the three clues she wanted to use to help the other kids guess what her item was. I wrote them on the provided clue card and Gracie spent the rest of yesterday evening talking and getting excited and taking Lambie everywhere with her--even to potty and brush her teeth.

I had to chuckle at this, but it also made me wistful. I remember when Gracie was so small and Lambie never left her side. As she got older Lambie was reserved for scary situations (doctor's appointments, pictures being taken), church, and bedtime. Even when she got a new "friend" from somewhere, I would check on her after she was asleep, and the new friend who was in her arms at prayer time, was now demoted to the bottom of the bed, and she clutched her tried and true lamb.

This morning, Gracie bounded out of bed with out the usual 5 minutes of prodding and nagging. She took Lambie to potty, and to breakfast, and back to her room to get dressed.

We got Lambie snug in the Mystery Bag and then she was safely put inside Gracie's backpack. It was pouring rain this morning, so Lambie got a ride to school. "She can't get wet momma!"

After I dropped Gracie off to school (and thank goodness my child rides the bus--that was a nightmare!!!), I only have second hand information about Gracie and Lambie's day.

Lambie was good while she waited in the bag for Gracie to do her school work, and eat lunch and go to PE. She got to come out and see all of Gracie's friends at Show And Tell time. The kids all seemed to like her. They guessed that she was a bird based on Gracie's clues. She told the teacher that she doesn't make music any more since she has had her so long. The kids did not pass her around because Ms. Orndorff said the kids hands were dirty (gotta love Ms. Orndorff's quick and germ free thinking!!!). She told everyone that she has had Lambie since she was born.

That is all I got about Show And Tell time, but Lambie and Gracie were sad when Lambie couldn't cuddle Gracie at nap time. "Momma, the saddest thing: Lambie couldn't sleep with me at nap time!" Apparently Gracie asked the teacher for this special privilege. I told her that it wasn't fair to the other kids, since their loveys weren't at school to snuggle.

Then Lambie got her first bus ride. When we got in the car (we had to go to Costco and it was raining so I picked her up at the bus stop) I heard this conversation: Lambie "Are we still on the bus?" Gracie: "No silly, we are in the car. You can come out now and see everything."

The conversation lasted the rest of the trip to Costco and was priceless.

I am so glad that my child is still a child inside. She can take all of the time in the world to grow up! And, some how I think that in her college dorm room there will still be a place of honor for Lambie on her bed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Indian Name

Gracie was given an Indian name today. They are learning about Native Americans, and have been talking about Pocahontas. Another girl got the name she really wanted, but she was dubbed:

Snow Star

I think it is fitting.

Monday, November 09, 2009

9 Months And Counting

Mommy's little Frog Prince is not so little any more--but he gets cuter everyday!

Today he has officially been out in the world as long as it took him to grow in mommy's tummy. And he decided to celebrate that fact by clapping his hands and saying "yea" for the first time.

You can imagine my joy when he took me by surprise with that this morning!

At nine months he is pulling himself up, starting to "cruise" around the furniture, and can stand for long periods of time while he holds on to something.

He has 5 teeth and will eat any thing in sight. Not only is he ALWAYS hungry like his sister, we are having to give him table food to keep his belly full. Which of course makes him quite happy. Not "fat and happy" because while he continues to grow and is well proportioned he is not chubby. Well, except his cheeks. But that is a Miller thing. Poor Thomas has his Uncle Brian's chipmunk cheeks--but not as bad.

He says "hey," "hi," "mama," "dada," and now "yea!" We are waiting for some sort of word for Gracie to emerge soon.

I have to pry him out of the tub (mommy's big tub), because he loves the water so much. He will splash and splash and get himself in the face and hair, and doesn't care a bit. When he hears water running, he will get VERY excited. And, very disappointed when it isn't for him.

He is still crawling, and we have found that the military crawl was just because of the carpet (whew!). You get him on hard floors and he takes off like a normal baby. (I was really worried he might have problems putting weight on his arms or something)

Our bundle of joy is growing and growing, and we are glad that you are sharing his months in our lives with us.

I caught him clapping on camera! I couldn't get him to say "yea!" again, but he has plenty of laughs for you :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Look Who Has More Teeth!

Thomas is up to a total of 5 teeth now, with #6 still trying to push through.

He got 2 teeth a while back and they are big and sharp on the bottom. And then, last week 4 teeth started to show through his top gum. Yep--4! That was the way Gracie got her teeth, 4 at a time. So, the tradition continues.

He tries (and mostly) succeeds at chewing on everything in sight, so don't hold out your fingers to him!

Enlarge the picture and you can see all 5. This is the best picture I have since he won't open his mouth usually without sticking out his tongue (when I get the camera anyway). He is getting used to feeling them on his tongue...and when he bites in to anything and everything.

Gracie Sings

My little angel did a beautiful job again this morning as she sang with the other children in the church's choir.

They got to sing up front this morning thanks to a broken rail that usually separates the choir "loft" from the church. Hopefully, it wasn't the kids who broke it to begin with.

Since most of you reading didn't get the absolute joy of hearing my little cherub sing her heart out this morning, I will share with you.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Thomas' Paper Debut

Gracie is "old hat" at being in Daddy's paper. She has been photographed for stories, our home has been photographed, our pumpkins have been photographed. But, for Thomas, this was his first appearance.

For the past 2 years Gracie has been featured in an ad for the paper's annual Holiday Book Drive, and this year Thomas got his turn to be included.

They ask the employees for pictures of their kids reading books, and even though Gracie had the Swine Flu at the time the email came out--I could NOT pass up this yearly opportunity.

I took the worlds' fastest photos (so she couldn't cough on him), and submitted this adorable one of Gracie reading to her baby brother.

The ad was in the Northern Virginia Daily today, and should run again tomorrow.

I just had to share. And you can click the picture to make it larger.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Curse Of Being Second Born

Dear Thomas:

I want you to know how much mommy loves you, even though you didn't come out of her tummy first.

You are loved so much, by so many people, and I only hope that one day you will realise that is far more important than all of the things you didn't get to do because you were the baby brother.

My guilt gets to me often, and today is one of those days that I find myself trying not to cry when I think of all the things that I have missed and not done because you can't be my only priority.

Your sister is loved so much too, and because she was here first I was able to devote every minute of my life to her. I was able to do more things with her and for her. But, it doesn't mean I love her more. I just love her in a different way, because she was my first baby. Just like I love you differently because you are my new baby, and my first little boy.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bragging A Little


Besides being Election Day, it was also parent/teacher conference day at Gracie's school.

I was surprised to find a notice in her backpack last week asking us to pick a time. It was clearly a form letter to all parents.

When I was in school, you only went to parent/teacher conference day if you were in trouble! I don't think my parents ever went--well not for me, Brian is likely a whole different story ;)

So, I took it as an initiative to get us parents involved in our kids educations. And, I was chomping a the bit to get a little more insight in to how and what my daughter is doing all day long.

Since Garren will be at the office all day for the election, I had to take her first available appointment so he could watch the kids before he went in to work.

You can imagine my beaming pride as I sat in the very little chair and listened to her teacher.

Mostly we discussed her PALS scores. As I have mentioned, I think this is like a Kindergarten version of the SOL's. I am not positive, but what I am positive about is that Gracie more than excelled!

The benchmark for the fall version of the test was 28. The benchmark for the spring version (that the kids have to reach in order to pass Kindergarten) is an 81. Guess what Gracie got?!!!

An 84! Can you feel my pride beaming through your computer screen!!! My baby could already pass Kindergarten.

And while I couldn't stop smiling, that awful (and very shameful) part of me was thinking--what didn't she get right? And, I hate to admit it, but I was dying to know if she was the highest score in the class. Okay, you can taunt me, but I am a proud mom, and like most proud mom's I am sure that my child is the smartest to ever be born. When you have kids, you will know.

I did come off of my endorphin high and ask about her socialization. As you know my Gracie has been painfully shy for so long. Preschool made the biggest difference with her, and each day she comes home from Kindergarten she has grown even more.

So, I was pleased when she said that she was just fine, and that she even stepped in and played with a little girl who couldn't find anyone to play with that day.

And to top it all off (like I need anything else to be proud of!), Gracie was named one of the most "respectful" Kindergartners!

The school has character traits that they emphasize for all of their students. In September they focused on Respect, and Ms. Orndorff turned Gracie's name in for her class.

I am surprised I walked out of that school this morning, I swear I could have floated!

And, I passed by the very large display in the front of the school that had Gracie's name on it. I couldn't resist. The camera was in the car. So, I went out and got it and came back in and snapped a picture of one of the proudest mommy moments I have.

So, now all of you can be just as proud as I am. Well, probably not, no one could be prouder of her than me.

We Voted!

Like you are surprised, it's kind of mandatory in our home. Daddy is insistent that we are well informed and do our civic duty.

Although, the well informed thing isn't quite practical, and though he didn't show it, I fear deep down he cringed as Gracie did a "pattern" when she voted in the kids election.

This is the second year Gracie has participated in the kids election. It is the same ballot as the adults and they have their own voting machine (a laptop). To make it easier on her (since she can't read) we tell her "red or blue." At age 5, she has no idea what a Democrat or Republican is, and she really wouldn't understand the issues all that well. And Garren is very good about keeping his opinions away from her ears.

Last year she voted a complete Republican ticket. This year she picked "red." then "blue," then "red.." you get the idea. I guess she didn't want to leave any one out!

On the way out of the high school (which is our voting location) she even got an American flag from a candidate standing outside. And, we topped it all off with our annual (sometimes bi-annual) Election Day brunch. So, she has had a pretty good morning.

And, this marks Thomas' first Election Day. I am sure it will be the first of many, for as long as he lives in this house he will be taken to the polls with his father, continuing a very long and proud Shipley tradition. Plus, he gets a sticker and breakfast too! :)

Election Days

I am a very organized person, but can not find our picture from Election Day 2005. But, I will continue to hunt. Although, I remember that is the year that we lost so many pictures when the computer crashed, and it was around November. So, it may be lost for good--but you can rest assured we DID vote as always :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday Smiles

Had to post this great picture of Thomas today. He always knows how to make mommy smile!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mommy's Little Genuis

With the quick and last minute trip to Tennessee, then spirit week at school and Halloween, the past 10 or so days have flown by, but I can't believe I didn't MAKE time to post this!

Above is a copy of Gracie's 1st ever report card. Well, they call it an interim report--but I am guessing it is the equivalent to a report card in Kindergarten. She got this at the end of her first six weeks in school (the day we left for TN).

I am super proud of my little school girl. I of course knew she was brilliant, but it is nice to see it in black and white ;)

Parent/teacher conferences are Tuesday, so I will get a chance to talk to Gracie's teacher and maybe get a little more info about how she is doing socially. Clearly she is excelling academically. And, I couldn't be more proud!

(Click to enlarge)