Thursday, February 04, 2010

All Done!

Our Gracie has completed all 13 sets of sight words! We are so proud of her!

Today is the first, and likely only, day she has been to school this week. And, it was a big day. She took in a new stuffed friend "Hugs" to show and tell, she got the last stickers for her last two sets of sight words, brought in her book order form, and 20 cups of Jello for snack.

As you have likely seen, the sight words have made a HUGE difference in her reading ability. It bolsters your confidence to know so many words on the page without having to sound them out.

She is now doing the reading at nap time story times and bedtime as well.

And, yes, I still make my 5 year old take a "nap" on the days she is out of school. She doesn't usually sleep, but we BOTH need that "down time."

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