Monday, February 01, 2010

Birthday Months

The Shipley family Birthday Bonanza is off and running!

Daddy celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday, and enjoyed a nice evening out with his wife while Aunt Ruth & Uncle George braved an evening with their favorite kids ;)

Garren's birthday marks the start of our birthday months, and Gracie ends the celebration at the BEGINNING of March!


We come right off the holidays to start in with more parties and goodies and planning.

Thomas will celebrate his FIRST birthday on February 9th. I have decided on a "Frog" themed party and I hope that the snow doesn't rain...well, snow...on our parade! This is such a special event in his life, and ours. Although, I have to admit I feel so guilty about not planning sooner and making such a huge fuss over planning and preparations for this milestone! Poor Thomas is the second baby and I can't do for him what I did for Gracie. But, I can (and will) throw him a great party full of friends and family that love and adore him!

And, after his party, mommy turns 30-something, and we skip past it to make a HUGE celebration for our soon to be 6 year old!

Gracie wants a Barbie themed party this year. Funny thing I was worried about finding things to fit her chosen theme, and I have actually found more supplies for hers, and I am still struggling to find things for Thomas'!!!!

So, in the next few weeks we have a lot of celebrating to do. And, then maybe we can rest for a while. Although, Easter isn't far off the birthday horizon. Then we can rest....right?

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