Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gracie Has Homework

Kindergarten is stepping it up a bit.

From here on out homework will come home in a folder on Thursdays to be returned by Wednesday of the following week.

Gracie and I being the overachievers we are, decided to send it back early.

Gracie worked on her homework sheet this evening at the table while Lambie looked on.

I really love when she gets to bring things home. It gives me a chance to see how much progress she is making, plus, I get to be involved a little more in her education.

Gracie did the sheet in no time flat and had zero problems with the answers. We fixed a few letters so they looked a little better, but that was it.

Score yet another star for my little prodigy :)

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Candice said...

You will change your mind about homework! Especially when both kids are in school!!!