Friday, February 05, 2010

It's Only Just Begun

Snow has been falling since around 9:30 this morning, but it is only now (around 3pm) that it is starting to stick.

School was canceled for today, and we are expecting 30 inches or more.

While I am definitely over winter, snow doesn't really affect me personally. I am stuck in this house if it snows, I am stuck in this house if it doesn't snow. But, now that they are calling for another round to blow through our area on Tuesday, I am getting annoyed. And, if this white stuff forces me to cancel my baby's 1st birthday party--I am going to be one grouchy mommy bear!

Now, having a February birthday myself, I know what it is like to hardly ever have a party because it always snows on your birthday. But, this is different. This is his FIRST birthday, and it is important.

But, back to the impending "blizzard." We will continue to watch and add the inches up as they fall.

As long as the power holds out, we have plenty of food and drinks, and activities to keep us busy.

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