Friday, February 26, 2010

Life Goes On

I know my mother is complaining somewhere about how I never update the blog. The truth this week is that there hasn't been much to blog about. Last week we had a ton of things going on, this one is a little more relaxed. Well relaxed for the kids--me, not so much. I was hoping this would be a better week, but I have to say I continue to struggle. Hopefully when spring comes life won't be so...hmmm...difficult for me.

As for the kids; Thomas walked across the living room this morning, from the couch to the wall. Gracie got to go to the school store yesterday. They opened it up this week for kids to learn math and social skills. She bought a pink highlighter and you would have thought she purchased a new car. She gets to go on a field trip to see a play later this month and is bummed because there is no room for chaperones so mommy can't go. Thomas has his 12 month pediatrician appointment on Monday, Gracie turns 6 on Friday and will have some sort of special snack at school. She will have a party at the house on Saturday. I am finished smocking her birthday dress, but haven't begun to sew it together and hope I can get most of it finished this weekend.

Garren stays busy between the home office and his trips to Richmond. He seems to be on call 24/7, but says he still likes his new job. Gracie is definitely feeling out her independence, and so is her brother. Thomas is babbling A LOT and seems to be taking after Gracie in the talking department. And, me, well I am just fried.

So, hang on, I am sure there will be plenty more to write about in coming days, and definitely next week with all of the birthday excitement for our favorite 6 year old.

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