Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mommy Gets To Help Again

I got to go back to Kindergarten this morning! I just love being given the opportunity to spend some time with Gracie at school--even if it is only for an hour.

Ms. Orndorff needed extra help today for reading groups as her assistant was out.

The kids rotated between "stations" again today, and I helped them 4-5 at a time with sight words.

The kids seem to be (in my opinion) divided up by reading skill level. And, as you can imagine my Gracie was in the "top" group. Pictured above, Gracie's group breezed through the worksheet I gave them and had no problem reading and writing the sight words on the page. So, of course I was super proud to have such a gifted child in the classroom ;)

After groups I said my goodbyes and they gathered to do a craft. I wish so much I could do more, but with Thomas, my time is limited--but not my spirit. Hopefully I can go in and participate and help with even more activities as the Kindergarten year progresses.

And, I should announce, that all the Kindergarten classes will be putting on a play on April 15th at the school. Gracie's class are ducks, and I have been asked to help with costumes (talk about a boost to my ego!) and she seems very excited about it. I of course will have tons of pictures and videos to share with our friends and family out of town. I guess this will be Garren's and my inaugural school performance. I am sure there will be tons more to come for both children.

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Candice said...

I LOVE parent volunteers. I have been blessed with some really wonderful ones this year!