Monday, February 15, 2010

Mommy's Present

What a wonderful treat for my birthday, that I got to spend an hour with Gracie at Kindergarten!

Garren was off work today, and he managed to rearrange all the things he had planned to do today in order to watch Thomas so I could go.

I got to help the kids, as they came to my table in groups, make Valentine bags to put all of their goodies in.

Ms. Orndorff had decided that the kids would have a party and do the holiday activities when ever they returned to school.

It was a fun time and Gracie was very excited to see me in her classroom.

I also brought in Gracie's Valentine's to give out and some treats for the "party" they would have at the end of the day. But, once again the snow rained on their parade. Around 1:30 the phone rang with the announcement that school would let out at 2:30. I had a feeling when the snow was falling as I left the building after helping out today.

Gracie tells me they couldn't have the party and they got fruit snacks instead. But, they did get to take home their valentines. I counted 15 in Gracie's bag, so she may get more tomorrow as a few students probably forgot theirs at home.

I rarely get to help out like I used to at preschool, so any time I get to volunteer I revel in it! Happy Birthday to me! :)

**And I was thrilled to see that Gracie's information was still on the bulletin board from when she was Star Student of the Week--wow, they have been out for a long time! But, that meant I got to see it and take a picture! ***


Amy said...

so fun!! I am so glad that worked out! what a thoughtful guy! Hope you had a wonderfl birthday.

Mom and Dad said...

Since Garren didn't take you out on your birthday, I sure hope he will take you out to (at least)dinner this weekend!