Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three Cranky Shipley's

Be glad you aren't in this house tonight. I've got one little girl with a very bad ear infection who has been miserable since she came home from school yesterday. A baby whose 8th tooth FINALLY came in and is really suffering. And, a mommy who is afraid she is getting sick!

Poor Gracie was eating her snack and mentions to me that her ear hurt around 4:20 yesterday afternoon. As you might guess, pediatrician's offices close around 4:30/5, and there was no way I was going to get her in. But, I managed to get someone on the phone and get an appointment for 9 this morning.

This is her SECOND ear infection in 2 months...and ever! Only this time she seems to be in much more pain. Oh, and she is throwing up too.

The doctor said not to be too concerned about the frequency as it is probably just a case of
"bad luck." And as for the vomiting, it is likely the pressure in her ear and the pain. She should be feeling better in about three days and can go back to school tomorrow. (And on a side note: my chunky monkey weighed in at a whopping 58 pounds! You wouldn't know that to look at her, but just try lifting her!!)

As for Thomas, that pesky tooth has been trying to pop through for months now. I noticed this afternoon after nap that the jagged white "spear" was just noticeable above the gum line. And, I noticed he was EXTRA moody. He has been super clingy for several days now and screams when I leave his sight for a moment. I was afraid he was getting sick, but I guess it was just that nasty ole' tooth.

I have spent the day zoning in and out of consciousness in Garren's recliner while Gracie goes through Barbie DVD after Barbie DVD. I am hoping it is just exhaustion, because the last thing we need around here is a sick servant...I mean mommy.

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