Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Acentuate The Positive

I have decided that I will focus on the positive of the past few days, it makes the springtime in this house a little sunnier.

I could blog about Thomas' first ever temper tantrum on Monday, where he threw himself on the floor literally kicking and screaming and throwing everything in sight.

I could blog about how the past several nights have been quite terrible. And, I could chalk both of those things up to the new molars that are attempting to reach the surface through Thomas' very swollen gums.

I could list the many, many things we have going on this week, or the never ending jobs needed to be done in and around the house.

But, I won't.

Instead I will show you the absolute cuteness that is my one year old. (You will get Gracie cuteness tomorrow since she will be having cheer leading practice and I will want to show off her new "skills" :)

Mommy's boy was WONDERFUL today. He was all smiles and hugs and simply lovable! He and Chewy spent the morning together sipping milk and toddling from toy to toy.

When I got him dressed we went to the post office and later waited for Gracie to get off the school bus.

And, as usual at choir practice tonight he was there to give smiles and giggles to all in attendance.

Today is one of those days it is fun to be a mommy. Well, it is always wonderful, but it is days like this that it seems like a breeze and you decide you want more.

To add to his cuteness this week, he has added two new words to his slowly forming vocabulary. On Monday I noticed he was saying "ch" for Chewy. He loves it when I hug Chewy and say "Hi Chewy!!!" So he would toddle over to me and offer his best friend (not letting go though!) and say "Hi Ch!"

Today he added a name. He wanted his Uncle George to take him at choir practice, but George needed to concentrate at this particular moment. Thomas yelled out (with binki in) "Uh-Gee." I thought he was grunting until he did it again, this time with his hands out for Uncle George to take him, "Uh-Gee!" So, now Uncle George is apparently "Uh-Gee."

Wonder how he is going to get out "Ruth"? :)

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mamaw & papaw said...

Bring those babies to Tennessee. Mamaw and Papaw need some major hugs!