Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Am I Supposed To Stop Counting Now?

I don't know whether or not I am, but each month on the 9th I am reminded of what a special little man I have in my life.

Today he is 13 months old.

You probably stop keeping track of these things at 12 months, but I have never been your average mommy. And I certainly wouldn't stop keeping track of all the great things he is doing!

Thomas is walking up a storm. He doesn't really stop. He will crawl for only a few paces until he finds something to pull up on, and then he is off again. And, he is getting fast!

He has some pretty swollen gums, and is quite miserable. So, more teeth are in our not so distant future. I just hope this one (these) don't take as long to pop through as #8!

He loves his juice and his milk. He has mastered the sippy cup quite well, but I still have some bottles in play. Really though, it is just because I need to get some more sippy cups.

He is still up 2-3 times a night, and I admit I have ignored the doctor. He is just so small, and I worry about him. I know he is hungry and I am still giving him formula at night. We will work on getting rid of that--I know it has to be done, I am just not looking forward to the several nights of listening to him scream it out.

Yeah, he doesn't really cry--he screams. But, when he is not screaming (and those fits are VERY rare) he is the happiest baby ever. I get stopped and told that all the time. He just always has a grin or a smile on his face and he makes other people smile--which in turn makes me smile. I love being the mother of someone who has touched so many lives. If I had a dime for every person that has told me how much brighter Thomas made their day...well, I would be very rich. And, clearly by having him as a son, I am indeed very rich.

He babbles a lot, and he is very definite in his conversations. He knows what he is saying and he is very sure of himself. Eventually I will be able to understand him. We don't have a whole lot of new words, and while his development is miles ahead, his verbal & language skills seem very "behind" to me. I am not worried over it, but he doesn't say much. But, he smiles plenty.

Let's see...

Thomas' Vocabulary

*Da-Da: daddy
*Da-dee: Daddy
*Ma-Ma: Mommy
*Gay-ee: Gracie
*Uff-Uff (barking): Chewy usually, or if he sees another dog
*All-gon: all gone
*All-dun: all done
*C-ap: clap (and then he claps his hands)

That's pretty much it. He can gesture and let us know what he wants, but he doesn't say much, unless it is his babbling. We will get there, and I am sure he will be as chatty as his sister. Well, maybe not, she may not let him get a word in edge wise ;)

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