Friday, March 05, 2010

Birthday School Surprise

I don't guess it was much of a surprise since Gracie knew Thomas and I were coming to her classroom today to deliver a special snack, but you couldn't tell it by the look on her face when she saw us.

Actually, everyone seemed to be excited by our arrival. I take that back, every one was excited by Thomas' arrival.

As Thomas and I waited to get to Gracie's classroom, a massive line of 5th graders were exiting the cafeteria. We waited for the line to pass which has many kids from the church in it. But they weren't the only ones making a huge fuss over my baby. Other kids, teachers, parents, staff, etc all loved to watch his little face light up at all the attention.

When we got to the classroom he got ever more attention.

I did let him out of the stroller briefly and he found toys to occupy his time.

When the kids came back from music, we were waiting. I let him down to go and give Gracie a hug. He smiled at the line of kids and then made a bee line for the toys he was playing with.

I scooped him up and he gave his sister a big sloppy slobbery finger to the face, and I attempted to keep him out of trouble as class resumed.

Gracie got to see the cupcake "cake" that I brought in, and she was thrilled with its Barbie theme. She was so proud to help handout the cupcake snacks, all while donning her "Happy Birthday" hat she had apparently gotten that morning.

Only two kids passed on the snack. Gracie happily licked all of the frosting off of hers, and was nice enough to share some bites with her brother--which of course was too cute!

We didn't stay too much longer as he was being a handful and I knew the teacher would likely want to restore order for the rest of her day.

We kissed the birthday girl goodbye and headed out. We will have more fun with sister bear later.

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