Monday, March 29, 2010

Cake Contest

Well, I didn't enter the cake decorating contest this weekend through the Parks & Rec Department as we just had too much going on this week. But, imagine my excitement when a Facebook friend told me about a contest online through Family Fun magazine!

I thought I couldn't possibly chicken out of this one--so I submitted my photo. The contest ends April 5th. Grand prize is a Kitchen Aid mixer.

You can vote for me by clicking this link. I decided to go with the doll cake I made for Gracie's birthday since it seemed to differ from the other cakes represented (and there are A LOT!)

There are several ways to win including most votes. But, the real winner is chosen by the website. I don't think I have much of a chance, but hey, it was fun to push myself to enter.

I am very upfront about the fact that I am not a professional, and as much as I would like, I have never had the chance to take a class. I just make them for fun.

I get great feedback on my cakes, and even if it is people just "being nice," it gives me a great esteem boost!

I have a large folder of cakes on Facebook, but as my mother often reminds me: not everyone is on Facebook, so I submit the following folder for the rest of you to view.


Oh, and I just noticed a downside to voting for me. You have to register with the site. If you have the time that will be all it "costs" you--but I can understand not to have to login. If you do register you can vote once a day until the 5th upping my totals. :)

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