Sunday, March 28, 2010

Egg-citing Hunt

Well, it was for Gracie. Thomas just kind of stood there.

You could tell he was thinking "Mommy's an idiot! She is standing there and making big smiles and funny faces and trying to get me to do another silly thing--just like when she put me in this outfit!"

Thomas watched all of the other "little ones" and their parents, who were also having to do a lot of coaxing.

They made a separate area for the small ones (kindergarten and under), which was so smart!

Gracie was the first to capture her allotment of eggs. And, Thomas continued to stand there and try to make sense of it all.

The fact that he had no interest in scrambling for eggs was made up for by the AWESOME pictures I got.

Until this morning I have hated my new camera. It is so technological and I can't figure it out. It is all "automatic" so I don't have to change settings and such. But, it automatically takes nothing but blurry pictures! That is until today. I am so impressed with how these came out!

I did manage to get Thomas to put a few eggs (that I handed him) in the basket (that I held in front of him)--so he got some of the experience. He used his remainder of "the hunt" to chew on the plastic eggs and just look adorable.

After all of the eggs were found, we got out of the quickly cooling weather and went inside for more fun.

The kids got to decorate cookies and have several treats, after opening up their eggs and getting all the goodies inside of course!

Thomas didn't wait to decorate his cookie--he just dove in. But my artistic Kindergartner put a lot of time and effort and creativity into hers.

I think both of mommy's baby bunnies had a great afternoon, and thankfully the torrential downpours waited until the festivities were over.

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