Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gracie's First Cheerleading Practice

I say practice, but really it is a class offered by the Parks & Rec Department. I thought it would be good for her, and she has been so excited to get started. She practically bounced off the walls until time to leave this evening.

The class is once a week and she LOVED it! I was a little less impressed as there were nearly 30 girls, and only 2 instructors. It was chaotic, but of course it is for K-2, so what should I have expected?

Thomas and I sat and watched our Gracie beam as they went through warm ups, and stretches, and movements, and even jumps.

She mostly stayed beside preschool pal Carson. Actually, I noticed several Grasshopper Green girls in the group.

Clearly she is going to have a great time this spring!


Mallory said...

love it ♥ !!

Candice said...

Such a doll!!!

Jenny W. said...

oh how cute ! Abbie takes cheerleading at parks and recreation!and loves it they are so cute!