Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Level Three!

This is the third day in a row that our daughter has astounded us by reading a level 3 reader nearly all by herself.

Gracie picked out three Aurthur books on library day at school. When she picked the first one on Monday to read for bedtime, I asked her if she wanted me to read it because it was a "3". She told me "I will read it and you can help me with any of the words I need."

I happily agreed, and my jaw nearly dropped as she went through page after page of paragraphs! I would get ready to help her with a difficult word and before I could help her sound it out, she was already saying it out loud!

We continue to be amazed at Gracie's skill level when it comes to reading, and apprently we have ample reason to. Her report card came home Friday and listed her as reading in a "Level G." Included in her folder for the day was a reminder sheet that the kids needed to be reading at a "Level A" by the end of the 4th six weeks, a "Level B" by the end of the 5th six weeks, and "Level C" by the end of the year. My Gracie is at level G and climbing! We couldn't be more excited...or more proud!

**Above is the book she read last night, which was kind of neat since they had a fire drill at school today! :) **

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