Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh No, We Are Going To Have To Get A Dog

Nope, not for Gracie--for Thomas!

As you know Thomas is attached (and I do mean attached) to the stuffed dog we named Chewy that Aunt Ruth & Uncle George gave him for Christmas. And, now his affection for the stuffed pup has spread to all dogs.

Any time he sees a dog on TV (real or cartoon) he stops what he is doing hurries to the TV, grins, and starts "barking."

That child's face lights up whenever he sees a four legged canine.

Pictures in books, dogs in cars, dogs out for a walk--they all make his day.

This evening after cheer leading I dropped off a cake at Ruth & George's house. She was outside with Curry their old, and lovable dog. If you could have seen Thomas! Thomas has met Curry before, but he was much smaller, and less enamored with the animals.

I finally caved and let Thomas (and Gracie) out of his carseat. We were just going to stop for a minute, but they both wanted to "play" with Curry.

My son squealed and squealed over that dog--who very much deserved a WHOLE bag of treats after letting Thomas pull and poke at him. He was so kind and just kind of sat there and took all of the love and attention Thomas had for him.

When I put him back in his car seat and he couldn't see the "ooof-oof" any more, he was very upset with mommy. In fact he screamed the whole way home. He wanted to take that doggy home and carry him around like he does his Chewy.

As I listened to my son, I dropped my head and thought "Oh Lord! We are going to end up getting a dog."

**Above: Thomas with Chewy just last week, and Thomas & Curry back in January**


Candice said...

YES!!! A schnauzer!!! They don't shed! Perfect dog!!!!

Aunt Ruth said...

I didn't have anything to do with this! You're the one that opened the car door! HA!

Logan H. said...

Haha, see, everyone loves my dog!