Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sleep Drama, Day 3

After 13 months of being up all night, and barely getting 3 hours of sleep at a stretch, I have decided to take matters in to my own hands.

I really thought that as he got bigger, he would sleep longer, and better. Apparently he loves his nightly snuggles with a half asleep mommy.

So, the milk breaks have to go.

Since he was getting 3-4 bottles a night, and taking various amounts each time, I have decided not to cut him off cold turkey. I will reduce the bottles to ONE per night and then once we tolerate that, take the milk away completely. I also plan to do the water suggestion that the pediatrician recommended. I figure he sleeps for roughly 12 hours a night. He can have one milk at 6 hours into the evening. So, roughly around 1am.

I have to say, while I am still up at night, things are going pretty well.

The Milk Log:

Day 1 (Sunday night into Monday morning)

Disasterous! I don't think milk had anything to do with it, but he was up ALL night.

9pm: up crying (screaming) Found his bink, put him back down. Cries a little more before falling back to sleep.

10:30 pm: up crying again. Found his binky, gave him a little water, put him back down. Residual crying until back to sleep.

11:45pm: up crying. Change his diaper. Find bink, give him Chewy, put him back down. Residual crying until back to sleep.

12:50pm: Figure the 10 minute difference wouldn't be that big of a deal. Give him 4 ounces of milk. He goes down easy--no residual crying.

4:45 am: Up and screaming. Try to give him water, he smacks the bottle. Give him bink and cover him back up. He continues to cry and fuss for the next HOUR!!!

6:00am: I cave, give him a bottle so I can get 45 minutes of sleep before I have to get up and get Gracie ready for school. He goes back to sleep easily.

8:15 am: He is up for the day.

Day 2 (Monday night into Tuesday morning)

***He sleeps from the time I put him down until 2 am!!! This is a HUGE victory. I don't know if denying him milk had anything to do with it, but I will take it!! ***

2:00am: Fix him 4 ounces of milk, he only takes 2! Goes back to sleep easily.

5:00 am: Up and crying. He continues to fuss off and on for an hour. Seems like a trend is forming!

6:00 am: back to sleep

9:00 am: up for the day

Day 3 (Tuesday night into Wednesday morning)

10:45 pm: Crying. Give him a bink and a sip of water. He grabs Chewy and rolls over and goes back to sleep! No residual crying! Another HUGE victory!

1:00 am (almost on the nose!) Cries. Takes 2 ounces of the 4 ounces of milk I fixed him. Goes back to sleep easily.

5:00 am: crying. Refuses water. Give him his bink. He fusses a for a minute and then goes back to sleep. Too bad I didn't! I was preparing to hear him for his usual hour of screams, and got too awake apparently.

So, it is going okay. I am hoping that tonight will be even better than last night, and the next, and the next. I am thinking since he is now not even taking all of his milk, I can wean the bottles out completely in another day or two.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!!


Amy said...

WoW~~ that is great... i took cara to dentist and he told me no mor enight feedings today... we'll start our long nights tonight...hopefully she will do as well as thomas!

Aunt Ruth said...

Hang in there ladies! It's worth it!

hp said...

One of our amazing discoveries has been the diapers...better quality, more absorbent diaper = Nina doesn't wake up as often wet and wanting to be changed. She was waking up 3-4 times a night. We were using regular Pampers, got some free samples in the mail (Pampers Swaddlers), tried them and the first night she only woke up once! YEAH! I bought a pack of the Swaddlers just for night use.