Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sleep Drama, Day 4

It's only getting better! I could not have asked for a better result, and of course I am kicking myself for not trying it sooner.

Last night he slept until 1am!

1:00 am: he took 3 ounces of a 4 ounce bottle. Got a diaper change and went back to sleep easily.

4:30 am: woke up screaming and shaking (can babies have bad dreams?) I held him next to the crib, but didn't take him out the room. He was so bad I knew he needed to be touched and comforted. He gulped down the water from the water bottle. I found his binki, gave him Chewy and covered him up again. He fussed for a minute or two and then was back to sleep. Again though I laid there for an hour unable to go back to sleep myself. Now, I just need to work on me :)

He stayed down until he was up for the day.

I was thinking I would just do one more night with milk, and then I remembered we are going to Lynchburg this weekend where he will be in a different environment. I will cut off the milk when we get back. But, I do plan to keep the same schedule as at home--1 milk a night, the rest water.

Wish us luck!

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