Monday, April 19, 2010

7 Years

We will start... and end... our 7th year in Strasburg this year. In fact, the 7th wonderful year here in the Shenandoah Valley began earlier this month.

Is it possible to miss a place when you haven't even left?

I have been taking Thomas on walk every other day or so, just to get out of the house. And, it has been a God-send. We aren't out long, but what a new outlook I have just taking those few minutes and getting out of this house and into the sunshine!

On our walks we talk about all of the things we see. Occasionally, we go into a thrift store or watch the creek or birds.

I had my camera in the diaper bag. I have been taking pictures around town for sentimental reasons, and today I started to remember some of the places I have pictures of Gracie when we went on these same walks when she was little.

I made a conscious effort to place Thomas in some spots and and I got a few snapshots.

It made me a sad. But, I pressed on not allowing it to steal the good moods that these walks produce.
This afternoon I decided to take the kids to the playground to play. And boy did they enjoyed themselves. I realised it was only Thomas' third trip to the park. He is walking around now and attempting to climb on the equipment.

My mind started to wander and I couldn't seem to stop it. What if we can't find such a good place to live? Will there be a safe and family-oriented playground? Will we find a church and get involved? Thomas is going to miss out on so much.

I have to snap out of this, or I will miss out on the next couple of months. I miss Strasburg and we haven't even left yet!

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