Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dress Up Fun

You know I was sure that it wasn't going to be any fun to dress my little boy.

Boy was I wrong!!

Thomas may actually have more clothes than Gracie did, and most of you know that was a ton! I have found so many cute things to doll up my little, well, "doll!"

Of course I have a preference for little sweater vests and khakis. I love little suits, and I am totally in to bow ties, even though I can't find any more anywhere!! (Let me know if you know where I can buy him some more!) And, I am addicted to sailor outfits. Gracie has worn over 30 different sailor dresses, and Thomas' already has quite a collection.

Above is a sneak peek into his adorable wardrobe.

But Gracie still is the queen of cute. I know I won't get to put her in these oh so precious dresses for much longer. Not only is she getting so big that I am having a VERY hard time finding them, but soon will come the day when she doesn't want to be mommy's adorable little girl any more. She will want to be her own person. And, I will eventually let her do it. But, if her "person" wants expensive name brand attire, her "person" will be out of luck, unless she wants to save her money and buy it herself.

Do you think 30 is a good age to start letting her dress herself? I can sew now, so I figure she can wear smocking until she is at least 21. :)

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Candice said...

Great! Hang on to both!! I'll let you know for sure (hopefully) on Monday!! I'll call you as soon as I can. My appointment is at 3.