Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Fun At Kindergarten

Mommy got to go to Kindergarten again!

I was so thrilled to be asked, and even more thrilled that Garren re-arranged his schedule so he could watch Thomas while I went in to help with the kids and their Easter Egg Hunt.

I got to the classroom a little early, so I was also able to help the kids with their group work. When they were done they were treated to a story and another parent volunteer, the teacher's aid and I all went out to hide 100 eggs.

Each child could find 5 eggs that we had hidden in a nearby playground.

As you can imagine they were all very wound up and very excited. They marched down the hall (not so quietly) with their bags and lined up outside ready to pounce!

I got the best picture as I happened to snap it when Ms. Orndorff said "go!"

Gracie was among the first to find her 5 eggs, and I couldn't help but giggle as the kids searched and searched and then would proudly announce " I got one!"

Easter festivities have been one of my favorite things to plan and do with Gracie, and now I am getting the same enjoyment watching Thomas take part in Easter traditions. It is such a happy time of year. So, watching 20 kids with that same wonderful excitement was so fulfilling for me.

After the hunt there were a few minutes left, and I was thrilled that Ms. Orndorff went with my request for a class picture! I am still very frustrated with my camera as I snapped 10 pictures of the kids and only 2 came out not completely blurry! In fact only half of everything I took today was usable. I hope I get it down pat quickly, I can't afford to miss so many once in a lifetime opportunities!

Since it was half day for the kids the Kindergartners ate their lunch early. I stayed around to eat with Gracie. She and I were so excited as we walked with the class to the cafeteria. After about 10 minutes I was growing much less excited. The best word I can use to describe the scene was "chaos." Or at least that was what I thought. When the lunch monitors began to dismiss the classes from their tables I got a whole new definition for "chaos!" It was like Lord Of The Flies or something. Kids walking with trays, food spilling, lines not forming for dumping food and lining up. At one point I actually held Gracie up against me as kids darted through her line with food dripping and spilling from their hands and trays.

Needless to say, I have no desire to eat lunch with her again. I had felt so guilty for not having the time (well babysitting) to go and do this with her before. I can now cross that guilt and goal off of my list!

I helped get the class back to their room and I even helped get the kids folders ready before I headed home. Gracie stayed behind and finished out her day which included lots of sugary snacks and a special Easter video.

Despite the lunch "experience," it was a wonderful day. I really love those chances I get to be apart of Gracie's day. Especially when it is and extra "special" kind of day.

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