Friday, April 02, 2010

Eggs Of Many Colors

Easter has always been one of my most looked forward to times of year with my children. I love the springtime activities, the many colors, and the joyful time of year.

When you have kids you just have to color Easter eggs. It may even be a parenting law somewhere :)

Thomas got his first chance to color eggs tonight. While Gracie is an old pro at dyeing eggs, Thomas was merely a spectator last year for his very first Easter.

Since egg dye and toddlers don't really mix, I had the brilliant idea to let him color with water colors. This was a messy and yet hilarious adventure in our annual festivities.

Actually his egg came out very colorful and so did he! I had thought earlier in the week that having him do thumbprints on the eggs would give him a chance to decorate eggs like his big sister. I was able to get 5 eggs with a usable colored fingerprint. (I did the 6th one that has the caterpillar on it)

After they dried I used a thin lined marker and made his fingerprints into animals. I added a few lines, a few cute words, and in some places a little more color with a small dot of egg dye. I think they look adorable!

But Gracie's! Her's are gorgeous don't you think! She's no amateur ;)

As usual she loved the very messy festivities, although I must say she gets neater and neater each year.

Daddy helped Gracie while I battled a very excited and very sleepy Thomas. They did all sort of egg-speriments with colors and wrappers and stickers with their eggs. The results are simply dazzling!

We hope that all of you have a great time doing this with your kids. It may be messy, but it makes for a wonderful memory, and a great tradition that you will grow to love and look forward to year after year :)

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