Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gracie's Kindergarten Play

My little angel was the best, and cutest duck on the stage!

Gracie and her class were a flock of ducks for their Kindergarten play "E-I-E-I Oops!"

She tells me it is about a cow who has lost her "moo."

The eight other Kindergarten classes were in the performance too. They were each classes of different barnyard animals (sheep, horses, bunnies, cats...etc)

I got Gracie to her classroom where they were supposed to meet. The teachers seemed to have it under control, but I helped her into her costume any way. They had made yellow hand prints on yellow t-shirts to look like a duck body with feathers. They each had a duck hat, and orange felt webbed feet cut outs to go over their shoes.

She looked too precious--as did the other kids in her class.

I snapped picture after picture, before I hurried to find Garren in the cafeteria/gym where the performance was held.

After switching cameras twice (yep I took 3 cameras, 2 camera cards, and an extra battery!!) I was finally able to zoom in on her section of the stage. I watched her when I could, and was so proud to see her singing along with songs and really getting in to it.

The performance was about 20 minutes long, and we waited for the kids to file back out before we could go and pick them up.

When I arrived at her classroom I found them all lined up in the front of the room with parents snapping group pictures. I quickly found a spot and snapped as many as I could, hoping to get one with everyone facing forward.

My poor little duck looked so overheated! I tried to convince her to take off her hat and cool off a bit, but she was too proud of it.

I snapped a few more pictures including ones with her teacher and her "best friend" Rebecca.

Before I signed her out, the teachers gave me a gift! The prettiest bunch of potted daisies. It was a thank you for dyeing the kids t-shirts, which of course wasn't necessary--I love being able to help in any way I can.

It was a while before we were able to get out of the school parking lot, but I gave Gracie a special "congratulations" card from mommy and daddy to read while we waited.

She got another surprise when we got home. I had gotten her a bunch of flowers, but was unable to get them in the car without her seeing them. But, she was thrilled to get them at home.

She had a good night, and she was exhausted! I can only imagine trying to get her up for school in the morning!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Gracie, You did a great job! You were a very good duck!
I'm so glad you had a good time.
We love you!

Candice said...


mamaw said...

Gracie, you make an adorable duckie! I love you!