Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Am NOT Going To Make It

Also known as the prequel to "Gracie's Kindergarten Play"....

I am going to have a heart attack before she graduates High School--I just know it!

If you could have seen me last night--you probably would have laughed. Although, Garren was sitting beside me, and he wasn't laughing. He didn't understand why I was the way I was...but he sure wasn't enjoying my short fuse.

I was a mommy scorned!

I had waited weeks for this moment. My daughter's first school play. I helped the teacher dye all of the shirts, I made her a special hair bow to wear (even though I knew they were wearing a hat as as apart of their costume), I got a special babysitter (thanks Mallory!) for Thomas so I could focus on her, and I was sure to get to the school 40 minutes before the start of the play.

Now, if you have already been through your child's first performance, you will get a chuckle out of this because I am assuming that all of us "first timers" get all worked up over such things.

I sent Garren to get us a seat and I took Gracie to her classroom. I snapped a ton of pictures after helping her into her costume. I was so proud and I kissed her for good luck.

That was the end of my happy mommy mood.

I found Garren at the way back of the cafeteria/gym. He had managed to get an end seat, but it was so far back and I was already discouraged.

My mental state did NOT improve as I watched parent after parent and sibling after sibling walk up the isle and block the view for me, and many, many others.

This continued to happen through out the performance, and everyone was talking behind me and in front of me, I have no idea what the kids were saying.

I was about to boil over!! I had planned to video the entire performance for those who weren't there to see it later. Not only were we so far back that the zoom could barely get her (and it is NOT in focus because she was so far away), there are countless numbers of people who walk in front of me.

They had asked that everyone stay seated, which did not happen!!

Are you laughing at me yet? Because I was moments away from going postal!

This was MY child's first play. That was MY baby on that stage! And thanks to countless people who had no respect for me, or quite frankly for the child they came to see--I missed out on it.

I took as many pictures and small video clips as I could, and I couldn't help but start to get angrier. I knew this was going to happen at her Kindergarten graduation. And if they thought I was mad now--missing my child get her diploma would in fact send me over the edge.

I thought the evening couldn't have gone worse, although I was sure to put back on my "prouder than pie" face when I went to get Gracie from her classroom. Of course I didn't have to "pretend" but for a few minutes. I missed practically the whole thing--but I was just a pile of mush when I got to my baby.

But, the evening did get worse.

Apparently it was library day and I forgot again to send in her books. She told me how she had to sit at the table and not get up. I fought back tears the rest of the night. But, it wasn't just that....there is no Kindergarten graduation.

Apparently there are too many kids to try and have a ceremony.

I am completely crushed!

Now, scroll up and hear all the wonderful things about my Gracie's first play!!!!


Grandma said...

OK, time to pull in the "big dogs"!
Garren, it's time for you to step up, as in your famous phrase: "What do you think our taxes are paying for?" Come on, let's get real. They could have graduation ceremonies for a few classes at a time - of course making sure twins, etc. in different classes are on the same day. Yes, I say day because you know there will be "parties" at the end of the school year. Although it would be difficult for most people to attend, having a graduation during the school day would be better than none at all!!! I'm sure the teachers could come up with some incorporation into the proverbial SOL's.
If that doesn't work, call in the "bigger dogs" - GRANDPARENTS !
I know they don't want to deal with us!

Grandma said...

Yes, your night could have gotten worse: Grandma would have (at least) walked up to the woman blocking the view and asked her to "sit down!"

Candice said...

Funny that I watched the video FIRST and then read this. I was thinking, "Shut UP people. How rude can you be? We teach our children to sit quietly and listen, and YOU are setting a terrible example." I pray that she will get to go to a SMALL school with only 2-3 classes per grade level. At our school, you can hear a pin drop during a performance. Our school quit having eighth grade graduation, which I think is terrible! They do still have a kindergarten graduation.

Anonymous said...

I thought you had seen how it was when we stopped in that time when we went to Gracie's art show. I had thought about warning you about it, but I thought it probably would not be a nice thing to do and I didn't want to have you all mad before you even got there. I'm sorry that it was as bad as it always has been. Things sure haven't changed in that respect. People are just rude and loud and inconsiderate. Sorry you had to go through all that crap! - Ruth