Sunday, April 25, 2010

Missing Aunt Ruth

(and Uncle George too!)

I am not sure who has missed whom more--her or them!

Since Wednesday night's choir practice was canceled this past week, and since we missed church last Sunday for our trip to Richmond, it had been 1.5 weeks since she was able to spoil them rotten.

Aunt Ruth & Uncle George missed church services this morning for a fun day on Skyline Drive, and Thomas was quite aware that they were gone. He kept walking to the piano and her seat and looking at me.

But, I guess they couldn't stand the wait any longer, because they came over to see their favorite (well, in my opinion any way :) kids this evening.

I let them both stay up past their bedtimes so they could have a nice long play visit with Aunt Ruth & Uncle George. Then a very large, and very loud storm allowed them to stay even longer to catch up on missed time.

I am sure that we won't go this long without seeing them again. Well, for as long as we can anyway.

One of my Facebook friends reminded me so well this morning: you can work on your "to-do" lists and "want to do lists" any old time, but spending moments with family that you love is far more important...and more rewarding. So, if you have people you adore in your life as much as we do--take the time to go and visit, other things can wait. You will be glad you did :)

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