Sunday, April 04, 2010

New Word

We have the cutest new word from Thomas!

Daddy decided to grill out for Easter dinner (which was more than fine by me). Thomas kept going to the door and watching his daddy cook on the grill.

Thomas would whine and fuss when his daddy would go in and out and not take him too. I guess he had enough, because when daddy went out and came back in after dinner he looked at me and said "ow-side!"

It was the cutest little thing!

We were done with dinner, so I let him go out in his onsie and bare feet. It was still plenty warm, so I knew he would be fine.

Of course he just smiled and stood there frozen with his feet firmly planted in the grass. He did that when we took him on the picnic as well. It is like he doesn't know how to walk or interact with a floor that isn't carpet or linoleum.

I don't usually share pictures of my kids in just onsies, of course I NEVER let them out of the house like that either--but I had to snap one of him "ow-side!"

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