Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nope, Still Not Sleeping

Okay, that's pretty bad...but you have to laugh about it--or you'll pull your hair out!

It is time to take drastic measures.

No, we aren't giving him away! But, 14 months without a full night sleep is too much.

I had gotten him down to being up just once a night--but that didn't last long. He is now back to screaming 3-4 times a night, despite the fact he only gets ONE feeding (and it has been consistent that way for a month!) a night.

I am just going to have to let him cry it out. I only hope it is for just a night or two--you have no idea how stubborn he is. Oh, and he doesn't cry...he does this high pitched pterodactyl scream and he will go on for 20 minutes or longer if you make him wait it out.

So, unless Grandma performs a miracle when we drop him off in Lynchburg this weekend, he will be a very unhappy baby for a few nights when we return home. Of course that means I will have even less sleep--but if it will help him sleep through the night, it will be worth it.

Won't it?

1 comment:

Candice said...

I'm going to laugh my butt off if he sleeps ALL through the night at Grandma's house! Won't that be a killer?
I'm sure I'll enter this journey soon too. AND, I'll have to go to school and teach ALL day long on NO sleep! Yay! That will be so much fun!!