Friday, April 02, 2010

A Picnic Lunch With Aunt Ruth

Can you believe she had to work today? ;)

Of course she may have been the only one, traffic has been a nightmare no matter where we were today.

Since Gracie was out of school and it was absolutely gorgeous outside, we took Aunt Ruth on a picnic for her lunch break this afternoon.

This was Thomas' first picnic as a participating party. His first official picnic was last April, and he just kind of laid there like an adorable lump. This afternoon he enjoyed the sunshine, the food, and especially the company!

Aunt Ruth, Gracie, Thomas and I enjoyed Easter shaped sandwiches, baby chick shaped cheese, carrot sticks, strawberries, Easter cookies & sweet tea.

After lunch we had a few minutes to play on the playground. I think I had more fun watching Aunt Ruth play than I did the kids! What an amazing "Aunt" she is to my two children. Oh, how I am going to miss such special times like this--and so are the kids.

Much to Gracie's disappointment we returned Aunt Ruth to her office.

But, what she doesn't know yet, is that she will see Aunt Ruth & Uncle George in the morning when they come and get her to take her to the Home Depot Kids Workshop.

My temperamental camera worked again for me this afternoon and I have some amazing pictures and videos as keepsakes of this wonderful time together.

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