Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Whiz Kid!

This week the kids at school are bringing home the reading books they are working on in class. The idea is for them to read to us to get more practice, and I would hope so that we can get a better idea of where they are in their reading ability.

Of course you all know I am a big believer in parent involvement in our children's education. I have been working with Gracie since she was 2. My girl was able to do addition before she even stepped foot inside her Kindergarten classroom (which is neat because they are just now getting to that and Gracie just beams since she can do it so well).

This afternoon Gracie brought home her reader and after catching up on some missed schoolwork from Monday (she was home with an ear infection), I had her read me the book.

I knew that Ms. Orndorff had specifically found a book on Gracie's reading level (Level G by the way!!), but what I didn't know, was how quickly she would breeze through the pages!

She didn't miss a single word!

Of course I am always proud, but I was so extra proud that I had her do it again so I could video it and share it with all of you.

Are you getting a cavity yet?!!


Grandma said...

Great reading Gracie! I will have another story time tonight so you can read to me again! I love it!
I love you very, very much!! :)

Candice said...

Woo hoo!! Way to go, Gracie! Now, you need to quiz your Grandma after you read to her to see how well she is listening. :)