Friday, May 07, 2010

Farm Day At Kindergarten

I got a chance to go to Kindergarten again today!

I was so thrilled that Garren agreed to change his Richmond day so that I could help out for "farm day" with Gracie's class.

All of the classes have been talking about farming and animals and animal babies these past few weeks. So, they decided to bring the farm to Sandy Hook.

I helped Gracie dress the part in a red gingham dress and two braids in her hair. Oh, we got so many comments on how precious she looked. (Mommy really gets into themes :)

It was unbelievably hot outside this afternoon, and I remembered to sunscreen Gracie before she left for school. Too bad I forgot to do it to myself! I took home quite an uncomfortable sunburn when the afternoon was done.

The nine classes took turns at the farming "stations." The kids saw animals, talked about feed, plants, and even fish. I think all of the kids liked the "horse" station the best when they each got to sit on a saddle and pet a rather large brown mare.

Well, I take that back. At the "feed" station the boys there got a few words out and then let the kids run and run through the simple hay bale maze. We parents just stood back and watched in amazement at our kids unending drip of energy.

The stations were mostly lead by FFA students from a high school from Star Tannery area. They were very nice students and most of them attempted to talk to these kids on a 6 year old level.

The out door fun took around 2 hours and the kids were treated with ice cream sandwiches at the "dairy" station.

Gracie was plenty hot and tired, as were the rest of the kids, but they were patient enough to go back out in the field to the "tractor" station so a few of us parents could snap a class picture.

There was about a half hour of school left, but I took Gracie on home with me. This seemed to make her feel very special, and of course I had drinks in the car.

It was a hot, but fun day with my Kindergartner! I feel so blessed when I get a chance to help out at school. Her days in school are becoming more and more limited, and I am so glad that I have gotten as many opportunities as I have to see what goes on during her day.

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Candice said...

Looks like a fun day! Our kindergarten enjoyed a farm day as well. The teachers said that it was the best field trip ever. They went to a local dairy farm and had a picnic lunch by the river. I love Gracie's braids!