Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gracie's Name

Our choir sang this song this morning during our church service, and it reminded me of my 6 year old.

I had told her before, but the green eyed monster reared its ugly head in an unsual way last week. She told me that Thomas was special because he was named for one of Jesus desciples. She tells me she wished she were named for Jesus, and that it seemed like Thomas was more special than she was, even though "I know he isn't."

The jealous streak has become more and more pronounced lately and usually I sigh and try not to loose my patience with my daughter. But not this time. This time I smiled and reminded her again...

"Gracie your name is very special. Do you know why I named you Grace? I wanted you so badly that I prayed and prayed to God to send me a baby that I could love and take care of. It took a long time before my prayer was answered, and when it was I couldn't imagine a better gift from God than you. You see, the best gift God ever gave all of us is His grace. And, the best gift He ever gave me was you. So, I had to name you Grace. And, that is how you became mommy's Gracie."

My daughter beamed at me and told me she had "forgotten." She looked like she could have floated out the window and she was so full of pride and love.

I never get tired of telling her the story of her name--because I still believe she is the best heavenly gift I have personally ever recieved.

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cheryl said...

Barbara, This is beautiful. You brought tears to my eyes and Gracie is indeed a very precious gift to all of us!