Sunday, May 09, 2010

More Mother's Day Goodies

I wanted to share the card that Gracie made for me in Kindergarten class this week. I almost teared up when I opened it.

If you are a mom with school aged children, or had them at one time--you know what that feeling is like. It wasn't just the handmade craft, it was what was written inside.

(You can click to enlarge)

It reads: Dear Mom, I love you. Thank you for making my favorite food, spaghetti. Love, Gracie

I also scanned in my beautiful corsage that Gracie made me, and I wore with pride to church this morning. I was the talk of the congregation. Everyone noticed my flowers!

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Mom said...

Yes, I do remember those days.I am so glad you were able to experience that special time too! :)