Thursday, May 06, 2010

A New Cheer

My little cheerleader has learned a new one. Above is this weeks cheer. Since they just learned it you can see some of the kids struggle a little, but I love to see the determination on Gracie's face!

I asked the "coaches" about the last class. I wanted to know if they were doing any thing special like have class outside or a "performance" of some sort. She told me she hadn't thought that far ahead. I was asking, because Gracie wants Aunt Ruth & Mallory to see her cheer. Since she won't be in any games this fall, I want to be sure they get that chance.

They did tell me, though, that they are extending the class until June since one was canceled for personal reasons--so we have 4 weeks of cheerleading fun remaining.

Also in today's practice, they got to do handstands. Of all days that I forget to check to make sure Gracie has on shorts!! But that UT outfit is so snug she didn't show as much as she could have. And, Gracie was beaming after her turn at the handstands.

She is definitely not the most coordinated child in the class (or at all), and I probably gave her the most inappropriate name--but she sure does love being a little cheer leader!

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