Saturday, May 15, 2010

Parades Are More Fun With Aunt Ruth & Uncle George

Well aren't most things?! :)

Mommy packed many heavy folding chairs and even found a shady spot along King Street (our Main Street) to set them up. But, my kids spent most of the parade standing (or being held) with Aunt Ruth & Uncle George.

But, they all had a great time and that is what matters. Plus, mommy got a little bit of a break.

Not that the whole day was without it's setbacks though. Thomas soaked TWO diapers during the two hour parade. Unfortunately he got Uncle George a little wet for the second one. He got me with the first very full diaper--but I am used to it!

And, of course it was ridiculously hot, so Gracie got a little whiny, but to be honest I was getting whiny myself--I just didn't say it out loud.

We had plenty of water and juice (which likely led to the two leaky diapers) and sunscreen, so we were well equipped and the kids really enjoyed seeing the floats and bands (we actually had two this year!) and all of the princesses come down the road.

Before the parade Gracie got to do a lot of the fun kids activities like the bounce houses, so by the time the extra long parade was over--we were ready to head home.

Gracie wasn't as thrilled with this idea, but we promised her mommy would bring her and Thomas back after church tomorrow for day 3 of Mayfest fun.

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