Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Play Date

The kids have (of course) been having fun here in Lynchburg this holiday weekend.

We picked Gracie up from the bus stop and kept on rolling to Grandma's through storm after storm after storm.

Mommy is struggling with the heat and the humidity here, but Gracie and Thomas have found many ways to keep cool and entertained.

Mom has set up a kiddie pool on the back deck and the kids have been in and out for 2 days now.

We saw Aunt Dawn and the "cous-its" for a while yesterday. We have gotten in some bargain shopping, and today we had a play date!

My high school friends (and sisters) Amy & Heather were in for the weekend for their brother's wedding. They brought their combined 6 children over to play with my 2 kids.

I had yet to meet Heather's baby: Nina. I was so excited to not only get to see her, but to hold her as well.

What a beautiful little darling she is! We had the best time watching her play in the little pool.

And, Amy brought all 4 of her boys (and her little girl) which I hadn't seen in a year and a half. They have grown bigger, and more polite. At one point she told them calmly to all "sit." And they sat! All of them! At one time! Without being asked twice! Without a loud tone!!!

I have decided to send Thomas to Amy's house for a few weeks of Schwartz boot camp!!

And Carrington, the little doll that Thomas had such fun with at our last play date. She is as cute, and as active as ever.

The little kids amused themselves by getting in and out, and in and out, and in and out of the water. And then there was the sandbox, and later popsicles.

The big boys had fun on Grandma's swing set, and dad made them all bamboo flutes to take home.

5 kids, 4 bamboo instruments, in one car?! She may never bring them back! But, I hope they all visit again this summer when we are in too.

Amy and her family live in Blacksburg, and Heather and her family live in New Jersey. Maybe when they come in again the kids can all get in the big pool!

It was a hot, but a very nice visit. I have now met the other two 2009 babies in our little group. Yep, three out of the five of us high school friends had babies last year. We met baby Elliott back in January, and now baby Nina.

What fun it is to share motherhood with friends!

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Amy said...

haha:-) we had a great time! thanks for hosting! and the whistles havent been a big deal bc the boys are still having a hard time getting them to work (no complaints here!)