Monday, May 10, 2010

Thomas Loves His New Sandbox

**The video is kind of long (1 minute) , and I thought about editing it down--but I left it so that those who haven't seen Thomas in awhile could enjoy every second. If you love him, but get bored, just hit the "stop" or "pause" buttons on the video whenever. No hard feelings :) ***

Did I mention that I found the kids a sandbox? Where you might ask....(all together now) the thrift store!

Although, many of you will be amazed at the deal.

Gracie has always had a sand "box," it was just a Rubbermaid container with sand and a few toys. Since we didn't have a yard in the apartment it worked really well on our very small "deck." But, now that Thomas is more active, I was looking for something a little bigger.

Do you have any idea how much sandboxes are these days? $40-$100, and up!! The cute turtle ones will run you about $40, the adorable ladybug ones are $70 ish, and the nice sand tables can run you up to $100 and more!!

I really loved the idea of the sand table because it was off the ground and the kids couldn't sit in it. I figure the kids walking in it and sitting on it would put more wear and tear on the plastic. But, I wasn't about to shell out that kind of money for it, so I resolved to stick with the container. (Yep, Garren makes more money, and I am still super cheap!)

So, imagine my thrill when Thomas and I stopped by our favorite thrift store last week and found a Step 2 sand table for (drum roll please)...$12!!!

The kids love it!

This was the first day I had it cleaned up and ready. Thomas played in it all morning until I made him come in, and Gracie played with him in it all afternoon.

It is a hit...and it was a bargain!

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