Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cooking Spray Is A Mom's Best Friend!

It can be used to make cleaning your pots and pans much easier...

It can be used to make perfectly golden pancakes...

It can be used to make cake baking a breeze...

It can be used to free your screaming child from the rocking chair that he got his leg stuck in!!!

Now, how many of you are actually surprised by this little gem of a story? Seriously?!

Thomas is learning to sit in a chair, and I am completely baffled how his leg got so stuck, but it was in there good. In fact, it took about 5 or more minutes to get it out--although it seemed more like an hour to this frantic mother!

He had wedged his leg in the crack between the seat and the back of the child sized solid wood rocking chair.

I mention the fact that it was solid wood, becuase as time was ticking away and Garren and I could not get his leg out, I began to try and break the chair apart! It did not budge!

My son is a small little boy, but he has the Miller thighs, and the rings of fat had made it even more difficult to get him loose. And, the fact that he had twisted his leg before getting it stuck, complicated things worse.

Garren was holding Thomas, I was holding the chair and we moved together to try and loosen our screaming boy. I think the screams were partly pain, but mostly panic.

We took him to the kitchen and I sprayed cooking spray from every angle. After smoothing it over the rolls of skin we were able to get his leg un-stuck after another few minutes.

Thankfully the incident didn't break the skin, but it left scrape-shaped bruise marks on his little baby thighs.

He is fine now.

Mommy is fine now.

And, she begs mother's of boys...heck, ALL mothers: get yourself a can of cooking spray and keep it on hand. You will never know when your child will get in to a "tight" situation!


cheryl said...

been there ...done that... only all those years ago I don't think we had cooking spray and we used dish soap! It sure does cause panic in a moms' heart!

Aunt Ruth said...

We used a stick of butter. . .