Thursday, June 10, 2010

Field Day

I wasn't so sure that I wanted to join Gracie for a day of outside sports, but when I saw that it was only for 2 hours, and I realized that my time with her at Kindergarten was coming to a close--I asked Daddy to again watch Thomas for a little while.

I got there a few minutes "late." They were in the field, but they hadn't started yet.

There were many other parents there for this morning's fun in the sun, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't that hot, and we had a little wind.

Gracie's class started off getting wet.

I knew that many of their field day activities would involve water, and I was sure to pack and extra set of clothes for her as they requested.

Gracie had paired up with her best friend Rebecca as usual. They took turns tossing and catching squeeze water balls to each other.

As I joked, out of Gracie's earshot, to the other parents: my Gracie is neither athletic or graceful.

The poor thing does as she usually does here, almost crosses her arms and closes her eyes in an attempt to "catch" the water soaked ball.

But the kids could care less about whether or not they caught the balls, they were having to much squealing about the water dripping out, and practically nailing the person that was supposed to catch the flying wet object.

There was a "buzzer" of some sort and the kids went from station to station.

By our fourth station, the kids were really excited--and soaked!

The object was to dunk a car washing sponge into the bucket and pass it over your head to the person behind you, who passed it, who passed it....until you got to the last person who squeezed it all out in the bucket at the end of the line. The team who filled the back bucket first "won."

There weren't any real prizes, or announcement of winners, which I know is good for moral. And, thankfully at this age they aren't as consumed with winning and losing--they are doing good to be able to follow the directions.

We continued on around the field. The kids played with the parachute, got one "station" at the playground, were given popscicles and were told to race with hula hoops and other such things.

Gracie, who didn't care about winning either, struggled with her poor tall body. She unfortunately takes after her mother in the coordination department. That is until we got to a soccer relay!

Gracie joined a team with Rebecca, Jordan & Morgan, who is on a soccer team. My eyes bugged out of my head watching Gracie control that ball and kick it straight where she wanted it to go.

I cheered for her at all of the stations, but I think I may have been a little louder here. I even wondered out loud "when did you get athletic?"

She was beaming at her success, and her girl team "won" the relay.

Now, the rest of the stations, she was back to struggling. But, I am not one of those parents who obsesses over my child's prowess on the field (I have issues about her prowess in the classroom--still working on that by the way), so I just stood back and watched, and cheered, and took tons of pictures.

When we finished the stations outside they divided the 9 classes into 3 big groups. From there we went on to play something called "Cat & Mouse." I didn't get it, but there were balls and kids kicking the balls and such. We parents just kind of hung out and watched this, although several of the dads and moms got right in there and played with them.

Now, I am an active parent, and I do all sorts of activities with my children--running and kicking aren't one of them. Not that I wouldn't if they wanted me to--in our own backyard--but, I really didn't want to show off my lack of coordination and skill in front of 60 kids and parents.

After the cat and mouse game we got to go inside for a game in the gym.

Boy was this fun to watch!!!

The kids had scooters. I remember having those when I was in gym class, only it was a peice of wood nailed to 4 wheels. These kids had nice plastic ones with handles!

The kids took turns being "it" based on the color of their scooter, and they tagged those that tried to get away from them.

I took lots of pictures, that didn't turn out well with the florescent lights, but when it was Gracie's turn to be "it" I turned the camera to video.

I just happened to get a clip of Gracie tagging Ms. Orndorff who was playing right along with the kids.

You have to see this!

Our last game was back outside, and to tell you the truth I didn't get it either. Something about snakes in the grass. It involved jump ropes. We parents kind of found a nice place to sit and roast. It was starting to get hot outside and many of the kids were getting whiny.

Thankfully Field Day ended before any one could melt. The kids went inside for lunch and I kissed a very sweaty Gracie good bye.

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Candice said...

Sounds like a fun day! Our kids LOVE the scooters too!
I'm not athletic either. I don't run unless something is chasing me, and it has to be something pretty scary. I'm so thankful for NO neighbors so that I'll be able to play and act crazy with my child in the backyard!