Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Fun Continues

We just couldn't get enough fun with Aunt Ruth today.

She and I had been talking about taking the kids strawberry picking for a few weeks now, but with Gracie's school schedule and her work schedule there never seemed to be enough time.

Well, today was cloudy, but hot. I decided I would rather be hot and not have the sun beaming down on the kids while I was picking berries, so I called and asked her if she wanted to take us to the place she knew in Edinburg.

I told her she should be taking a nap, but you know Aunt Ruth--she has the most abundant energy!!!

So, we picked her up this afternoon and she showed us to the cutest little berry farm maybe ever!

I wasn't sure how Thomas would do. Last year he was a few months old when Gracie and I stopped on our way back from Lynchburg. Well, it was hot, and the sun was blazing, he was screaming, and Gracie was needing my help. It was an experience, and she enjoyed the berries and was completely stained in them--but it wasn't exactly the Norman Rockwell portrait I was going for.

So, I had no idea how this afternoon would go.

It was such fun!

Gracie was chatty as usual and she ran from row to row. Back and forth between Aunt Ruth and me with her little metal pail.

There wasn't anyone else in the berry patch and there weren't many berries either. The man who owned the farm warned me of this when I called, but I assured him we were in it for the experience.

And how about Thomas? Well, I kept waiting for him to explode! Every time I turned around his hand was in the bucket. He would have one in his mouth and one in each hand. It was too cute! And, he loved having the freedom to roam. Usually he wants me to hold him all the time, but I put him down and he stayed very close to the bucket--but would venture out while he chewed, and then return to me and the bucket once again.

Boy was he a mess!

After we picked the berries, Ruth showed Gracie how to wash them off and weigh them. Combining Gracie's bucket and mine we weighed in at 1.5 pounds. Of course at a $1 a pound, I would say we got a pretty good deal! Although I put $2 in the box (it was an honor system kind of farm), because I figured Thomas probably ate half a pound in the half hour we were there.

I also got the most amazing pictures. It is not so much the quality of the photo, but the subjects in it.

And, what fun would berry picking be if we didn't have some for desert? None!

Mommy made strawberry shortcakes--yum, yum!


cherly said...

Barbara, These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Thank you so much for keeping the blog and allowing us a glimpse into the every day lives of our precious grandchildren. You'll never know how much it means! Love you all.

cheryl said...

spelled my own name wrong... gonna be a good day!

Sunshine said...

Fantastic, Mommy. Beautiful pics, darling family.

Uncle George said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you all had a great time!! Thomas looks especially 'satisfied'!

Candice said...

Yummy! I was lucky that my mom went and picked four gallons a couple weeks ago, and she gave me a gallon. Yay for not having to bend over to pick them!!