Thursday, June 03, 2010

On Top Of The World

Gracie is always excited when Thursdays come around, but this week she had reason to be even more bouncy than usual.

Besides the waist of the skirt being a little loose, the cheer leading outfit looked great on her! We even gave her a big ponytail and curled the hair in it, just like "real" cheer leaders do.

To polish off the look I stopped by the Dollar Store and got some pom-poms for her to have. They not only had the purple & white poms, but a megaphone came with it.

She had been bouncing off the walls even before we left, so you can imagine what she was like by the time we got to the school.

They did the class as they usually did, but I noticed a few extra adults paying closer attention. There were only 7 girls tonight, but they were most of the ones most dedicated to the class anyway--although we were so sad that Carson wasn't there. Carson and Gracie have been best buds since preschool.

They did their stretching, and practiced their jumps and tumbling. Then they came to the pyramid building.

I never thought that Gracie would get a chance to be on top, and if you could have seen her face!! Well, just take a look at the zoomed in version I have! This only begins to describe the look of sheer happiness and accomplishment she felt. My usual wall flower jumped right up there and did her perfect "V."

Now, how did they support my solid little girl? Well, the instructors had the older girls class come in and join the younger ones. And it worked out perfect! Some of the other tall and solid girls like Gracie who hadn't had a chance to be a "flyer," got their chance as well.

Well, she could have floated out of that gym! And if she weren't already on Cloud 9, she was even more excited when Aunt Ruth came in to watch the rest of her final cheer practice.

The younger girls, and the older girls did each of the cheers they had learned this session, and the "coaches" turned the mats and the girls so we adults could see better. I have always watched Gracie, but tonight without Thomas I was really able to see just how good she is at cheering! She is not the best jumper, and she really struggles with tumbling--but she has some serious spirit and can really execute those movements for the cheers.

Really though, it is her enthusiasm that is so fun to watch. I have always said that Gracie was easily amused and excitable--and it took a simple one hour a week, $38 class to make her feel even more special, and even more accomplished.

Money and time VERY WELL SPENT!

**I got so many great pictures that I have to put them in a slideshow for you!!!***


Aunt Dawn said...

Oh she is so adorable! And the outfit is perfect!

Jenny W. said...

How cute!