Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rah Rah!

I can't believe it looks this good!


I was just going to make Gracie a purple skirt with some elastic. But, my mother decided to take advantage of a weekend sale at JoAnn's.

She found an actual pattern to make a cheer leading uniform.

Now, I am NOT a sewing expert--it doesn't come easy to me. I have turned a few things out, and I can sew better than most, but it takes me lots of time, and lots of aggravation. So, you can imagine the hair I pulled out in the past several days to get this outfit together.

Thankfully my mother was there to help me a great deal with it as I started. She is the sewing goddess. You will have to see the zipper she put in for the top, and the one I did on the skirt (my first, I should mention). What a difference! But hey, it works!

I had most of the top done before we left Lynchburg yesterday, and I finished it up last night before bed, and after unpacking.

Today I concentrated on the skirt, and I was pleased to have finished it, and all of the details. I even found the time and patience to take a long strip of fabric and turn it in to a bow for her hair!

She is going to look so cute on Thursday for her last cheer class.

She of course is excited to wear it as well.

I promise to share pictures of her in it.

Seems like we have so many "lasts" coming up these next two weeks. But, I plan to try and focus on the positive, and take lots and lots of pictures to bore you with :)


Tonia said...

Awesome job!!!

Mary A. said...

You did a great job

Aunt R said...

Way to go! Yeah! Hurrah!

Aunt Dawn said...

How cute! Is there nothing you can't do Barbara?

Jenny W. said...

Awesome you have to take a picture of her in it,you did great!