Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Real Princess Shows Grace Even Through Adversity

So, I am sure Gracie is a real princess through and through.

This morning after her terrible ordeal she managed to look lovely when we arrived at church.

Of course she only looked lovelier when she added the pink beaded necklace and hair comb that her Uncle George had made her from beads they had purchased yesterday at the great bead store.

Oh, if you could have seen the look on her face! She walked proudly around the rest of the day--beaming!

You hardly would have known that the little prince had made a rather large bite mark on her leg this morning for who knows what reason!

We had thought the biting phase was over--guess not!

Of course you have to find it suspicious that Gracie is the only person he seems to bite! Now, he has (embarrassingly!!!) bitten others, but usually once and he has the worst "sorry sad face" you have ever seen. But, his poor sister seems to get repeated "wounds."

Many, many thanks to Uncle George for making our pink princess sparkle even more than she already does!


mamaw said...

Gracie, you look so pretty wearing your necklace and hair clip that Uncle George made for you! I'm sorry little brother bit you; I know it must have really hurt. Did you know that when your daddy was little he used to bite his big sister too? Some times he made her cry, but he still loved her and it didn't take long for him to learn not to bite others. I'm sure Thomas will learn not to bite you really soon. Mamaw and Papaw love you so very much!

Candice said...

Gracie is going to have to learn to bite back. LOL (or just pinch really really hard)